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Our Services

Our Services

End-to-end Support for Your Success
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Free Initial Consultation

Speak with a member of our advisory team to get an initial assessment of your profile and which visa is most suitable for you, as well as get any initial questions you have about the visas and application process, free of charge!

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Application Submission

Our team will complete the form (e.g. Form I-140 for EB-1A) for you and submit the application with all supporting documentation to USCIS in one complete package.

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Application Roadmap

Once you are onboarded into our service, the advisory team will take a close look at every part of your profile and recommend the most appropriate visa type for you, and design a custom roadmap laying out the next steps and timeline until you get the visa and beyond.


Application Monitoring and Followup

Our team will actively monitor the application processing status and provide you with the latest updates. If there are any requests for further documentation, we will work with you to ensure that the documentation is prepared in an accurate and timely manner.


Profile Crafting and Positioning

Our team will work with you to gather all necessary supporting evidence to present your profile and then craft a cohesive and strong application package.

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Green Card Application Support

Once you receive your visa approval, we will help you to complete an application for green card (Form I-485) and file and monitor the application on your behalf.

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